Using tents are perfect for many occasions. One of the most popular events wherein a tent is used is or camping. Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and be one with nature. Camping not only gets you closer but to the people camping with you as well. It will surely create memories to cherish and remember for years. Although, contrary to common belief, there are a lot of types of tents. There is not just one type of tent which is commonly associated with camping, but there are tents with multiple uses for different occasions and events.


The first type of tent is the traditional primary ridge tent. This is one of the most commonly known shelters and is usually used for camping. These are the most traditional tents, and this tent was where the term tent shaped got its definition. On the other hand, these types of tents are not big. These tents were made for a single person use and would be very uncomfortable to fit more than one person in it.

They are easy to pitch and set up amongst the other tents. One of the disadvantages of getting this type of tent is the head height that comes with it or the lack thereof. Most of these tents have little to no headroom which makes it hard to move around, and because of that, it is more of a sleeping tent because of the lack of head space.

A geodesic or semi-geodesic tent is also another type of tent. This tent gets the name geodesic which is a mathematical term, geodesic line, which is the shortest route between two points on earth. These are tents whose poles criss-cross and form some triangles in the tent. This allows the tent to distribute stress throughout the structure. Because of this, it is one of the best tents to pitch for extreme weather and conditions. The semi-geodesic tent has the same features but comes in a smaller size which is better for less extreme conditions.

The dome tent, on the other hand, is a tent that makes use of a flexible pole that sort of forms a semicircle which is then attached to a webbing strap or is taped down. Two poles make a square dome while three poles make up a hexagon, and these types of tent allow for more headroom but are not one of the most stable tents. The bigger the dome tent, the less stability it has which makes it better for calm conditions.

These are some of the types of tents that exist in the world today. These tents are great for camping or expeditions in the wild. It will surely give you a great shelter away from your cozy home and will keep you safe throughout the duration of the adventure should it be properly maintained and set up. Truly, tent rentals in southern Jersey are one of the best ways to experience nature and its beauty without sacrificing your bare body to the elements.