Most painting service providers will take on any type of painting job, from merely window trim painting to an entire house painting job. However, let us assume that they’re painting the interior of your home or commercial building. You can often expect:  

Painting Contractor

  • Complete coverage of areas that will not be included in the painting job including kitchen counters, windows, floors, cabinets, etc.  
  • Basic preparation of surfaces prior to the painting job. This means light sanding as well as scraping away any loose paint. Most of the time, this can also include tapping in some protruding nails, using tack cloth as well as cleaning off the woodwork in some areas. The most important key here is the only the minor preparation since the painting contractor will certainly assume that your home or commercial building is in a condition that is ready to be painted.  
  • Removal of other obstacles including doors, lights, as well as electrical plates.  
  • Moving away some furniture in order for them to have better access to the spots that have to be painted. As a matter of fact, this is not really a part of the job of painting contractors, which means you must need to confirm this prior to starting the painting project.  
  • Priming the current paint or the new dry wall using an interior latex primer.  
  • Professional painting contractors often use two coats of color of interior latex paint, especially on the walls.  
  • They can also provide two coats of paint on the ceiling.  
  • Molding window the window trim, baseboards, windows, etc., and painting the trim.  
  • They can also provide misses spots touch up.  
  • Professional painting contractors should also be the one to clean up any accidents during the entire painting project since no matter how good the drop cloths coverage is, some drips can certainly take place.  
  • Professional painting contractors can also be able to provide a final evaluation between a homeowner and painting foreman.  

How Would You Talk to a Painting Contractor?  

Unlike conversing with other professional home improvement contractors such as a technician, you don’t need to know a specialized language or wording. This is due to the fact that most home and commercial building professional and dependable painting contractors are really good at making all things clear to all homeowners or commercial building property owners.  

Some topics that you will have to discuss with your chosen professional and dependable painting contractor include:  

  • Ask if the cost of the paint is already included in the estimate.  
  • Discuss what type of paint your chosen professional painting contractor is intending to use.  
  • Ask if how many coats of paints will be laid down.  
  • Ask the professional painting contractor regarding with how he intend to cover the non-paintable areas in your home or office.  
  • Ask if how long will you expect for the painting job to be completed successfully.  
  • Ask your chosen painting contractor if he will be using a cut-in method or a masking tape around the trim.  
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